Refuel coaches help fleets identify monetary savings and other advantages from converting to alternative fuels, particularly compressed natural gas, electricity, and propane. The program also builds self-sustaining alternative fuel markets by working with community leaders, fuel providers, and dealerships. Refuel Colorado Fleets is now available statewide.


Refuel coaches help fleets calculate the life-cycle cost savings from switching to alternative fuel vehicles and they can identify grant programs and tax credits. The coaches also provide technical guidance on issues like fueling or charging, maintenance, and safety. Coaches help fleet managers understand what incentives apply to their vehicles based on their location, vehicle class, fuel type, and whether the fleets are public or private. They also identify existing fueling infrastructure and inform fleets about stations in the planning and construction phases.


Refuel coaches can help business and government leaders understand the financial, environmental, economic development, and energy security advantages from promoting the use of clean, Colorado fuels. By working with an entire community, coaches create an ecosystem of broad support and all the resources necessary for a successful transition to alternative fuels.

Fuel Providers

Refuel coaches consult with fuel providers about market opportunities and financial incentives for alternative fuel vehicles. The coaches explain engineering and design requirements needed to develop fueling or charging stations.


Automobile dealerships talk with Refuel coaches about popular alternative fuel vehicles to stock and likely customers. The coaches supply information about alternative fuel costs, state tax credits, and other financial incentives to help customers choose alternative fuel vehicles. Refuel Colorado Fleets is funded by the Colorado Energy Office. The U.S. Department of Energy funded its pilot stage. The program is administered by CLEER with fleet coaches serving every county in the state.

Refuel Colorado Fleet Coaching Pilot Overview

Refuel Colorado Fleet Coaching was launched as a pilot program in April 2013, using the “energy coaching” model developed by CLEER to accelerate the adoption of alternative fuels for transportation across Colorado.

The fleet coaches selected nine pilot communities, organized public events to raise awareness of alternative fuels, and provided coaching and fleet analyses to help fleet owners plan purchases of alternative fuel vehicles.

The Refuel Colorado Fleet Coaching pilot project proved successful in engaging fleets and helping them switch to alternative fuel vehicles. Building on that success, Refuel Colorado Fleet Coaching expanded to a statewide program in 2015.

Refuel Colorado Fleet Coaching by the Numbers

  • Refuel Colorado Fleet Coaches: 5
  • Organizations Fleets Engaged in Coaching: 226
  • Outreach Events Hosted: 53
  • Vehicles Purchased in 2014: 72 CNG, 16 LPG, 33 EV
  • Fleets Planning or Making Purchases: 114

For more information on this program in a community, get in touch with a region’s contact (see the region map and drop down menu below), or contact the program administratorNatalia Swalnick at BCS: nswalnick@bcs-hq.com (303) 425-6800 x463

Region's Contact & Map Resources

Denver Metro Clean Cities
Janna West-Heiss: jwheiss@lungs.org (303) 847-0276

South Central Council of Governments
Aaron Lopez: alopez@sccog.net (719) 845-1133 x217

Southern Colorado Clean Cities
Kyle Lisek: KLisek@lungs.org (303) 847-0271 x217

Northern Colorado Clean Cities
Maria DiBiase Eisemann: marianococc@gmail.com (970) 988-2996

Heather McGregor: hmcgregor@cleanenergyeconomy.net (970) 704-9200
Matt Shmigelsky: mshmigelsky@cleanenergyeconomy.net (970) 704-9200

Fleets operating or planning to operate each fuel type in CO

Note: This is not a comprehensive list; rather it is a list of example fleets that could provide pragmatic insight into alternative fuel vehicles.
City and County of Denver
City of Boulder
Town of Superior
High Plains Library District
City of Loveland
City of Fort Collins
Colorado State Fleet
Denver International Airport
General Services Administration
Colorado State Fleet – 9 different agencies
Roaring Fork Transportation Authority
Weld County
City and County of Denver
City of Grand Junction
Republic Waste
Allied Waste
Western Disposal
Alpine Waste
Denver International Airport
Loveland Ready Mix
Boulder Valley School District
City of Arvada
City of Englewood
Clean Energy
Noble Energy
Pioneer Natural Resources
City of Arvada
General Services Administration
Colorado Mountain Express
Denver Yellow Cab
Brighton School District
Blue Flame Gas
Adams 12 School District
Colorado Springs School District
Poudre School District
St. Vrain Valley School District
Routt School District
Steamboat Springs
Boulder County
City of Boulder
City of Arvada
City of Englewood
City of Lakewood
Foothills Park and Recreation District
City of Englewood
City of Arvada
General Services Administration