What is the Program?

The basic idea behind an EV group purchase program, also known as a group buy, is that a local agency negotiates a discounted price from one or more EV dealers or car companies. This deal is then available for a limited time to members of a group, whether they are employees of a company or residents of a community. The agency then agrees to take the lead in outreach and marketing for this deal. The key elements of an EV group purchase program include the following:

Discounted prices on EVs, possibly in combination with charging infrastructure and solar panels

The lead agency conducts a competitive bid process to get the best possible prices on buying or leasing selected models of EVs. The selected car dealers and manufacturers then provide discounts or rebates for program participants.

Limited-time offer

Having a discrete time limit motivates customers to act now while the deal is still in place. This is particularly important in the EV marketplace, where some potential buyers have a tendency to wait for newer technology to come out. The limited-time offer helps spur them to act now, helping achieve market transformation.

Community-based outreach and marketing

One of the biggest barriers to EV adoption is simply the lack of awareness that EVs are available and affordable. Trusted voices in the community (e.g., local governments, air quality agencies, neighborhood groups, or trusted nonprofit organizations) can communicate the value of EVs. Broadcasting an affordable deal from a group purchase program can move many people to action.

Current Group Buy Opportunities

  • Boulder County Group Buy (Download)
  • Drive Electric Northern Colorado (Download)