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The CEVC aims to improve public awareness of electric vehicles through marketing and outreach. A number of CEVC members actively engage in marketing and outreach through various strategies. The CEVC can serve as a venue in which to share successful strategies, coordinate messaging and events among stakeholders, and develop new action plans. The CEVC has created a working group for marketing and outreach to help meet these objectives.
The CEVC strives to develop a policy climate that facilitates electric vehicle adoption and maximizes the environmental benefits of electrification. Colorado has among the largest tax incentives for EVs in the nation in addition to grant programs for fleets and significant support from automobile dealerships and manufacturers. However, barriers to EV adoption remain. For this reason, the CEVC created a working group to consider barriers to EV adoption and propose solutions. Solutions may include, but are not limited to, legislation and administrative, utility, or regulatory actions. In addition, the working group notifies members of the greater Coalition about legislation, administrative initiatives, utility proceedings, and other policy efforts related to EVs.
The CEVC explores strategies to improve accessibility to electric vehicle infrastructure. Many stakeholders in Colorado have recognized the importance of EV charging stations. Through Charge Ahead Colorado and other efforts, Colorado has more than doubled the number of public EV charging stations in a two year period with a number of other stations under development. Studies from the U.S. Department of Energy and others suggest that workplace charging and Level 3 fast charging are important to the adoption of EVs. To develop locations for charging that optimize station utilization and promote EV adoption, stakeholders can play important roles in outreach, data, recognition, and funding. The CEVC contains a working group to continue developing EV infrastructure and reducing range anxiety.
CEVC members may volunteer to participate in working groups and develop action strategies in marketing and outreach, policy, and infrastructure development. The CEVC may not require any member to take specific actions but may recommend strategies. No legal rights or obligations shall be created through CEVC membership.
The CEVC also functions as a clearinghouse for information, studies, outreach events, and other EV-related developments among members. Coalition meeting minutes and accomplishments will be posted on Working groups will report back to the Coalition as a whole on progress and accomplishments. Additionally, all Coalition members will have the opportunity to share progress toward Coalition objectives.
The CEVC meets every other month (February, April, June, August, October, and December) on the fourth Thursday. That schedule may be adjusted as necessary and posted on Working groups determine their own schedules but should meet at least once between every Coalition meeting.

In the best interests of everyone’s time, we try to adhere strictly to a scheduled agenda. Should anyone like to present at a CEVC meeting, please email Cabell Hodge at At the end of each meeting, members have the opportunity to make relevant announcements that were not otherwise covered in the agenda. Members should be respectful towards one another regardless of viewpoint.

Colorado Incentives

EV Studies and Reports